How to
sell a TV Show, organically

September 3 - October 1

Hey, I'm Adrienne! I'm teaching a one-day masterclass with three weeks of coaching + accountability
so that you ACTUALLY build the content and relationships you need to sell a show, and most importantly, seed opportunities to sell again in the future. So, you get the plan AND the support to execute it with ease and flow, all over Zoom.

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I'm offering two versions of the course— The Starter is more streamlined, while The Finisher provides a more follow-up support, feedback, and accountability.THE STARTER
Instead of how to write a script, I'm going to teach you how to sell a show. It might sound daunting, but all you need is a story that needs to be told right now and the right team to bring it to fruition. No matter what your creative background or experience is, I will help you show you how to:

  • Develop a compelling idea that feels authentic + exciting to you

  • Craft the pitch to hook buyers

  • Find the right collaborators to amplify your voice

  • Cultivate generative relationships so you can sell again and again

Overall, this course includes the 2.5 hour masterclass on zoom, weekly Q&As with me for any roadbumps you’re hitting along the way, as well as Power Hours where you can actually do the work and take your next step toward sell a show. $450

This program includes everything from The Starter, but with more personalized support. You'll get 2 rounds of feedback on your one-sheet (a document to entice buyers and executives), 3 additional group coaching sessions in a smaller setting, and best of all, intimate conversations with industry professionals. Capped at 8 people, this small class will have the opportunity to share their elevator pitches with studio executives, showrunners, and industry professionals for feedback, with the potential to foster an ongoing relationship. $1500

2.5 hr Masterclass on ZoomYesYes
3 Q&As with Adrienne for road bumps along the wayYesYes
3 Saturday Power-Hours to hold yourself accountableYesYes
3 weeknight Q&As for road bumps along the way, capped at 8 people-Yes
2 rounds of feedback on your one-pager (a 1-page document to entice buyers and executives)-Yes
Intimate conversations with industry professionals: Capped at 8 people, who will share their pitches with studio executives, showrunners, and industry professionals to get feedback and start ongoing relationships-Yes

DATESThe course will run on Saturdays, September 3rd, 10th, 24th, and October 1st (no meeting September 17th!).The sessions will take place during the following times via Zoom:

  • Masterclass: Sat, Sept 3rd 10 AM - 12:30 PM PT

  • Q&As + Power Hours: Sat, Sept 10th, 24th, and Oct 1st 10 AM - 11:30 AM PT

  • Finisher course only: Three additional Q&As scheduled during a weekday or weeknight, based on group availability

  • Finisher course only: Intimate Conversations*: Sat Sept 10th, 24th, and Oct 1st 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM PT

*Subject to speaker’s availability. Some speakers may only be available on weekdays, and we will schedule accordingly with plenty of forewarning.

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There are three steps:


Writer, actor, and producer Adrienne Rose White the woman you still remember from that party you went to, because she made you feel special, laugh hard, and think harder. She co-created and sold the drama series Barrister's Ball to CBS Studios in 2021 with executive producer Ted Humphrey. With her writing partner, she sold the Untitled White/Chan/Case comedy pilot to CBS Network (as seen in Deadline and Variety), and optioned the hour-long dramedy Safe Space to Lakeshore Entertainment. She is also frequently featured on Elizabeth Banks' WhoHaha and was named a comedienne to look out for in their Comedy Call-Out in 2020. Adrienne is producer and co-star of Quirky Female Protagonist as Straight-Laced Bestie, which received acclaim from the Huffington Post, IndieWire, WUWM 89.7 FM, and others.As an actress, she's the best friend you can turn to for sincere advice... in the recently released thriller Another Girl, written and directed by Allison Burnett (Underworld: Awakening and Autumn in New York). She's the playful prodigy with quips for days... in the teen horror The Witch Files with Holly Taylor (The Americans). And she's the warm, driven, sexy lead in the forthcoming drama After We're Over, written and directed by Nate Myers (Rake on Fox).Adrienne's career began when she wrote and starred in the short film Mira Mira, a fairytale about race and isolation that premiered at the NewFilmmakers New York and won Honorable Mention at the Women's Independent Film Festival. An alum of the Atlantic Theater Co's conservatory program, she also graduated from Harvard College, but she avoids bringing that up in conversation.


Why are you offering this course?So many people have asked me how I sell TV shows, and I thought this was easier than taking everyone out for coffee and talking about it.As an actor, I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting the type of roles that I wanted or projects I was passionate about, so I started writing. But as a writer, it took some time to figure out how the buying process works, and I had to figure out how to make it work for me. Flashforward to the present, I have optioned or sold five TV shows. Looking back now, I noticed that the way I approached my projects and my relationships was very different from how I saw other people doing it. At the best moments, it just felt like there was… flow.Through this course, I hope to share the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in the last decade to lower the barrier of entry for aspiring writers and actors interested in selling their own shows. I’d also like to debunk many misconceptions about selling television shows so that creatives can begin pursuing their dreams with confidence rather than fear. Clarity: we love to see it.Wow… are you really into puns?Yes.What makes this different from other courses?Most courses focus on how to either write a great script or deliver a killer pitch. But when I looked back on the shows I sold, I realized how important the relationships were to even having the opportunity to pitch or have someone read my work. Most courses focused on the content, but not on the how of actually getting that content sold. I’ve had instances where the buyer makes a decision before they’ve even heard the full pitch, just based on our relationship. So, we will obviously talk about how to create excellent content, but we will also talk about how to build relationships that will give you repeated opportunities to sell.How do you define “selling” a show?I define selling a show as getting a yes from a studio, a production company with an overall deal at a studio, or a network to develop a TV project together.

How does the online course work?In the first session on September 3rd, we will do a Masterclass over zoom where I will break down how to build the kind of content that sells. Then we will take a 30 minute break where you will do an exercise. Then for the second hour we will talk about how to build the relationships so that you can find the right partners to sell to and develop the content with. By the end of the first session you will have a roadmap for next steps that you need to take in order to sell your project.You will have a week to complete your first steps, and we will meet again the following Saturday September 10th for a Q&A, where you can share wins or bring up any roadblocks you’ve hit, and I’ll answer them. After that we will have a Power Hour where you’ll be held accountable to working on whatever next step is right for you in the next hour.Then, for the students in the finisher course, we’ll have an additional Q&A session during the week and an hour-long Intimate Conversation with an industry professional where you can share your one minute elevator pitch, get feedback, and have meaningful conversations that I will facilitate.We will take a break the week of Saturday, September 17th. Then we’ll do a Q&A + Power Hour + Intimate Conversation on the next two Saturdays (September 24th and Oct 1) so you will have a clear roadmap, feedback, and the support you need to actually execute on your plan.

Who is this course geared towards?Any creatives who want to sell a show. Specifically…

  • Screenwriters who have a pilot script, but don’t know where or how to pitch or sell it

  • Screenwriters who have staffed on other shows, but have not yet sold their own

  • Screenwriters who have a concept they want to develop, and have written other pilot scripts

  • Screenwriters who have just started out, and want to learn how to build a network so they have the opportunities to sell a show when they are ready

  • Writers who have a book, article, or intellectual property that they want to develop into a TV show and sell

  • Actors who want to write a script and create a vehicle for their acting career

  • Actors who don’t want to write a script, but do want to create a vehicle for their acting career

  • Multi-hyphenates who want to have multiple roles in the creation of a show (i.e. writer/director/actors)

If you are a person with disabilities and have concerns about accessibility, please contact [email protected] and we will happily work with you to accommodate your needs.Who is this course NOT for?

  • People who want a “get rich quick” scheme. Relationships take time, development can take a lot of time, and the Business Affairs department of a studio or network can take its sweet time. If you need money next month, this isn’t the way to get it. This is a way to build a career, not to make a quick buck.

  • If you are racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory against any marginalized community. Those aren’t the voices I’m here to amplify.

Is your course limited to narrative shows, or is it also applicable for documentary/non-fiction/reality projects?My experience is in selling TV comedies and dramas. Since I haven’t sold any non-fiction projects I wouldn’t be comfortable promoting this course as a path towards selling a documentary/non-fiction project. That being said, I assume many of the principles are the same, but I want to be upfront on where my expertise lies.What tools or resources do I need to take this course?You don’t need anything. You could take this course just to get a lay of the land to set up the foundation for your career. Now if you want to sell a show soon, it is helpful to have the following materials ready to go:
Writers, to sell a show where you are attached as a writer, you need to have a sample script. This script does not have to be the script of the TV concept that you want to sell, but you do need a sample of your writing.
Actors, you literally don’t need anything…actually, a willingness to step outside your comfort zone and build a team. Just channel Zendaya.
I want to book the course, but I’m going to miss one or two sessions. Should I still book?I would! The Masterclass and the Q&As will be recorded so you won’t miss any important content, so it’s still worth it. But it should be noted that Intimate Conversations in the Finisher course may not be recorded because I want to give everyone the freedom to speak off the cuff without repercussions. So it will depend on the speaker and students. And the Power Hours…do you really want to stare at a screen with people who aren’t there for an hour? Probably not.Will my work be treated respectfully?Strong yes! When you sign up for this course, you will be signing a contract that you will not take another student’s intellectual property. Furthermore, students will not be commenting on each other’s work, beyond noting what works well or resonates. For finisher course students, I will give any constructive feedback that I think is necessary to get your pitch in shape, and cultivate a supportive environment where you can do that.Is it possible to work privately with Adrienne outside of the course?Private coaching packages are available. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Finisher Course

Who are “industry professionals and creatives”? How will conversations with them be substantially beneficial?Industry professionals and creatives will be studio executives, showrunners with overall deals, and other writers who have sold TV shows without previous credits. I’ve facilitated conversations for previous students and mentees with writers, executives and executive producers at Apple TV+, Hoorae (Issa Rae’s production company), CBS, and Avalon Entertainment.Do I have to read other people's work?No, you don’t.

Intellectual Property

How will I know my idea is kept safe from plagiarism or not released without my consent?Everyone entering the course must sign a contract with language around protecting their intellectual property rights. That being said, I also recommend registering your materials with the Writers Guild of America (WGA). It’s quick, inexpensive, and a well-respected cyber-paper-trail. Here’s the link to do it.

Registration and Payments

How do I register for the Starter course?When you fill out the registration form, you will receive an email with the service agreement and payment link. But I know sometimes the spam filter is working against us, so I’ve included them below as well.To register for the starter course, you just…

For more information, please email [email protected].You’ll get a response within 48 hours on business days, and usually much sooner. If you don’t get a response, please check your spam folder.How do I register for the Finisher course?After you fill out the application form, you can schedule a 15 minute chat with me. In this exclusive small group setting, it’s important that every member is committed to making the most of their time, doing work at a high caliber, and lifting each other up. And since I’m introducing you to my network, I want to make sure you’re ready and able to make the most of those opportunities. And confirm that you’re, like, a human or whatever.To register for the finisher course, you just…

For more information, please email [email protected].You’ll get a response within 48 hours on business days, and usually much sooner. If you don’t get a response, please check your spam folder.How much does the course cost?The Starter course costs $450 and the Finisher course costs $1,500.Do I have to pay in full before the course begins?Yes. If you need a payment plan leading up to September 3rd, please email [email protected].What payment methods do you accept?You can pay for the course using…

  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express at this link for the starter course

  • Venmo to @adriennewhittay

  • For Zelle, email [email protected] for details

For the finisher course, the payment link will be sent to you after the application process.

Credits and Refunds

If I need to withdraw from the course, what are my options?Unfortunately, no refunds will be offered. However, if I offer this course again, I’m happy to extend credit toward that course, to be determined at that time. If I don’t offer the course again, I can offer private coaching or consulting, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Important Notes

  • Only those who pay the tuition in full can be guaranteed a place in class.

  • Something Truly Brilliant reserves the right to remove any student at its discretion.

  • Something Truly Brilliant does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, disability, socioeconomic status, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, or marital status.

If you have questions that aren't addressed here, just e-mail [email protected]. Looking forward to connecting with you!

What people say about me

“Less than a week after our last call, I pitched to Paramount and Netflix and got a yes in the room!”

As an Indian-Bengali Australian actress, I was frustrated that I wasn't getting the kinds of roles and opportunities I wanted, so I started looking for ways to create my own work. There are so many courses and classes out there that teach you how to write well. But how do you go from having an idea or script to ACTUALLY being able to sell your work? This is something I didn't feel like was taught anywhere. Adrienne took all of the fear and mystery out of the entire process. Her mentorship is clear, transparent and has given me all the practical skills I need to move forward and create opportunities that are authentic to me. She also completely changed my mindset and helped me see what I was capable of. Less than a week after our last call, I pitched to Paramount and Netflix and got yeses in the room! Working with her is like getting the answer key to getting my writing off the page and into the hearts of the people who can put it on screen!
- Jasmine B., actor and writer

“Overall, I found the conversations to be transformative.”

The conversations with entertainment industry professionals that Adrienne facilitated offered me really valuable insights that have influenced the path that I hope to take. The rapport that Adrienne had already built with each guest was evident as the conversations flowed organically, with Adrienne asking guiding questions and leaving room at the end for us to ask our own questions as well. I got to hear from award-winning actors and writers of critically acclaimed television shows in addition to managers, producers, and executives of major studios. Each industry expert that Adrienne invited gave in-depth reflections on their experiences, showed genuine interest in my career goals, and many even provided their contact information so that they could continue to be a resource down the line. Overall, I found the conversations to be transformative.
- Aissata B., Harvard student and aspiring screenwriter

“She has an incredible amount of information that she makes accessible and actionable to her creatives who are looking to develop and sell projects.”

Adrienne Rose White is a passionate, knowledgeable and gifted mentor. She has an incredible amount of information that she makes accessible and actionable to her creatives who are looking to develop and sell projects. Adrienne's heart and kindness create a positive foundation from which up & coming screenwriters, actors and creative multi-hyphenates can learn to navigate the part of business that stumps most: how to sell your project and create relationships to develop future projects. Adrienne is the guide that creators need to learn how best to move forward from idea to sale.
- Kristina S., screenwriter and acting coach at On Set Coaching


Have any questions? Let me know, and I'll get back to you.



I’m sharing this for free, because I want to help actors and writers get the tools and information to develop and sell a TV pitch that’s authentic to them.Do you have questions about how to sell a show in general? Questions about how to sell your show in particular? Questions about How to Actually Sell a TV Show, Organically (The Course)?Do you want some of focus and accountability so that you actually take the steps?That's why How to Actually Sell A TV Show, Organically includes live Q&A sessions to answer your questions about your next steps, and Power Hours so that you actually take them. Click through these clips from IG Live below for a free taste of what the course will offer.

Who would benefit from this course?

What does the course consist of?

Should I focus first on getting an agent?

How do I know if my idea is sellable?

POWER HALF HOUR | Set an intention and work along!

View the entire IG Live here or follow me on IG @adriennerosewhite to see me answer more of questions and lead a 20-30 minute “Power (half) Hour” where I help you actively work on the next step you need to take.We’re getting in the flow to sell a show.